Girlfriend Therapy “Freedom” Conference 2013

All praises due to God! Girlfriend Therapy “Freedom” Conference 2013 – what can I say – it was amazing! God showed up and did exactly what He promised He would do. I am so grateful for His faithfullness and increasingly humbled that He continues to use me to carry out this amazing ministry. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Girlfriend Therapy. The word that I received from God going into 2013 was, “Things are not going to slow down.” and so to that I say, “Onward and upward!” I look forward to what God has in store for me and the ladies of the network and I know that as long as we continue to keep our focus on God and Him alone then He will continue to do the miraculous through us, through our obedience and our willingness to serve. As I think on what God has promised and what He has done I declare that I am a living witness to how awesome God is and my life will never be the same. Lord I thank You! 



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