The Parable of the Appleseed

Young Ravi looked out at his neighbors as they each went about their work. He loved his little community and his community loved him. He wished that he could show his gratitude by giving his neighbors a gift. He looked around, but the only thing he had was one shiny red apple. He wondered how he could make this one apple enough to share with his 20 neighbors. So, he grabbed a sharp knife, sat down, and sliced his apple into twenty-one small thin slices. Enough to feed his 20 neighbors and one for himself.

As he sliced his apple, he noticed that there were exactly twenty-one seeds in the apple. “Wow!” He thought, “I can sow a seed one for every neighbor.” And so, he started to sow, one hole, one seed, one cup of water. One whole, one seed, one cup of water. He continued to plant each seed excited about the harvest that he would produce and excited that he would be able to bless his neighbors with and apple instead of a slice of an apple. “Oh, how happy they will be to receive their apple!” He exclaimed. He imagined that some would eat their apple right off the core, while others might cut their apple in slices and make a special treat. Some might make a refreshing drink of cold or hot apple cider. So, he finished planting his seeds and anxiously awaited the harvest.

When the day came Ravi was amazed to see that not only were there enough apples in his vineyard to give each neighbor their own, there were enough apples to give one to everyone in his community. He gathered his apples and went from home to home blessing his neighbors and his community from his harvest. When he had finished, he smiled with gratitude for the wonderful blessing that he was able to share. It was greater than he had imagined. As he sat down to enjoy his own apple, he had a grand realization, “if” he thought “I plant more seeds, then I can produce more apples! And,” he continued, “if everyone in the community would plant their seeds…then we could harvest enough apples to feed the city, and the city could harvest enough apples to feed the state, and the state enough to feed the nation, and the nation could feed the world!”

Ravi jumped from his table and ran to each neighbor to share with them him vision and collect their apple seeds. So excited were they neighbors that they wanted to help Ravi collect the seeds and help him plant the seeds. After all the gathering was complete, the neighbors sat side by side and began to sow their seeds. One hole, one seed, one cup of water. One hole, one seed, one cup of water.

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